Nematology Digital Learning Platform (NDLP)

The Nematology Digital Learning Platform (NDLP) is an online tool containing web lectures, exercises, video demonstrations of nematological techniques, and crop damage, virtual microscopy slides and so much more. The NDLP is under constant construction with new content being uploaded regularly. The NDLP allows people interested in nematology or looking for more information to find it all in one place. In the coming years a BSc course module with lecturing material for both lecturers and students will be posted on the NDLP, as well as content for an MSc module with focus on topics relevant for the global South. As a lecturer you may freely use this material either to enhance existing courses in your university or to integrally adopt it. The only thing we ask for is to refer to the people who developed it.    

If you wish to register for this NDLP, please follow the instructions in this pdf. In the future we will find the means to make registration faster and easier.

The direct link to the NDLP (accessible after registration) is here.