IMaNema and its partners offer several short trainings and workshops.

The Summer Course Nematology (SCN) at Jimma University College for Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine is a 6 weeks training in the period July – August (2018-2020). The first edition was held in the summer of 2018. This course is offered to staff working in different Ethiopian universities and research institutions with a focus on staff involved in plant protection. There are 10 scholarships offered per year. 

The Basic Crash Course Nematology (BCCN) at Icipe Campus in Kenya is a one week course in December (2018-2021) that provides basic training in methods to quantify, qualify and process plant-parasitic nematodes in crops, with an introduction to beneficial nematodes, indicators of soil health and nematodes for biocontrol of insects (entomopathogenic) nematodes. It is undertaken in a ‘hands-on’ fashion permitting participants to experience field conditions and conduct basic research in crop nematology. There are 20 vacant student positions per year of which 10 under scholarship.

The Identification Course on Aquatic Nematodes (ICAN) at Ghent University (Belgium) is a 2-weeks training aiming to provide a high standard scientific and short training to enable participants a quick start into individual identification of marine and/or freshwater nematodes. It will be organised every two years in December (first edition 2018).

Annually, IMaNema organises a Nema Seminar Day in May, immediately after the International Symposium of Crop Protection (Ghent University). This seminar day is open to anyone interested.