Tuition fee

The tuition fee for academic year 2020-2021 is

  • € 947.2 for EER students and students from the two first columns of the OESO-DAC list; 
  • € 1847.2 for non-EER students.

Find more info on the UGent tuition fees here.

An additional summer course travel fee (€ 1200) is charged to cover the costs for the travels and registration for symposia of the Summer Course: Networking & Seminars, thesis work and lab material during the two years of the programme.

VLIR-UOS scholarship beneficiaries are exempted from the summer course travel fee. Students with a UGent TopUp grant / Master Mind scholarship can receive an exemption provided that they are on the eligible country list of VLIR-UOS and depending on the availability of funds.
All other students will receive an invoice that needs to be paid during the course of the first semester.

Costs related to the International Mobility Track should be covered by you, but scholarships can be applied for. These costs include: travel costs, accommodation, visa and insurance.